Getting back to normal

Well, the 2016 Chichester Art Trial is over. I had 56 visitors and sold 6 paintings and some small mounted works and cards. I am now shattered from packing my paintings back up  again and storing them in my studio. Now I can think about new projects. I wonder where my lovely paints, pigments and pastels will take me next. I have a few ideas.

Artists need to stay fresh and this requires taking risks, leaving the familiar and the willingness to make one dickens of a mess.

Packing up


Art Trail day 1

It was a very quiet day one here with only 9 visitors, but the first one did buy a small painting. After the rush of getting ready the slower pace had its benefits. Its now day 2 and the cold wind of yesterday has gone, the sun is shining and I am looking forward to some old friends coming to look round.