I set my hand to the plough…

At the start of the year in a fit of resolutionitis I decided to do some sort of artwork every day for 2016. I have done this before and found it rather productive acting as a seed bed for more sustained works. I’ve been posting this on my Facebook page, putting up whatever I have managed to do each day. The crunch comes when at 11pm I realise I have not done anything for the day. This has resulted in me venturing into the digital wilderness. I have nothing against digital art, just mine, which is very basic. By chance, and most of what I do digitally is by chance, I discovered Mandala and kaleidoscope tools in the effects kit of my editing programme. So late at night in desperation I have used this on some of my paintings to fulfil my resolve to do something each day. The results are rather beautiful.

French Adventure

Until recently I had not travelled in France apart from the airport and a brief visit to Paris But recently I was in Charente visiting my daughter. Their rented house is right on the river on an estate with a number of buildings falling into attractive decay. The avenue of trees which was at one time the grand entrance caught my artist’s eye and I couldn’t resist going back agin and again to take photos.


Years ago, when there was a special offer, I went halves with another artist and bought some powder pigments which I use now and then but have mostly looked decorative on my work bench. Recently there was another promotion bizarrely of just greens on St Patricks day. As I’m using a lot of greens I decided to indulge in some of the more unusual ones but of course now I have to get to grips with using them.  Today’s effort is a glorious mess but sometimes you have to make them to learn even if that sometimes produces questionable results . I tell myself that I should NEVER be afraid of making a mess.