A dry time

Since the start of the year I have had a rather desert experience regarding my creativity. I feel the need to do something different  but I’m not sure what. I had a discouraging Art Trail with few visitors and no sales. This has made me take stock and reassess what I want to do. An artist should paint for themselves but I guess we all like a little company and an audience but this can become a snare. Once one begins to look  over ones shoulder at the commercial merit of  work it has a deadening effect and it becomes stilted and repetitive. With this in mind I think I need to be a bit brave, not sure how yet so watch this space. Below is the only painting I have done this year based on a Hazel tree in Hotham Park where I am Artist In Residence. I am not sure what I will be posting next but I have a mind to try some pure abstract work.


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