A new year.

2017 was  a very barren year for me as  my  creativity seemed to dry up. This was partly due to a sick husband who had several crisis during the year whilst waiting for a major lung operation. Before you jump to the conclusion that it was the NHS’s fault I must say some of the delay was due to infection resulting in deferrals. Much to our relief the operation finally took place on the 30th October at the Royal Brompton and Harefiled Hospital in London.

Apart from the stress of my husband’s illness I felt discouraged about my work wondering what I should try to do with the limited time I have left to me.

Each year I take part in the annual Chichester Art Trail and in 2017, for the first time in the eight years I have been in the trail, I did not sell enough work to recover my entrance fees. Visitor numbers were low as I am on the fringes of a very large trail and  will never be as high as those who are in the centre of things with other artists around. Its always good to cover expenses even if there is no profit involved and one doesn’t mind that so much if visitors take the trouble to come and have a look. I found myself wondering if it was worth all the effort of getting my stored paintings out, hanging them, turning my house into gallery and tidying my studio for people to see my working practice. I had almost decided to not to enter this year but my husband who has been through so much said how much he enjoyed the trail visitors coming so I will be doing the trail again this year.

This has made me try to reassess what I want to do. All my paintings are a result of something that I  have seen or an event that has touched me and  I don’t repeat myself. I have sold quite a number of paintings over the years but have generally resisted the temptation to ‘do it again’ because a particular thing has sold. Someone said that if you do that you are in danger of imitating yourself which seems a very wise saying.

I’m not sure where this is going to take me but I have made up my mind afresh that I must paint for me first resisting the afore temptation to paint for market

As my studio was becoming crowded I gave away  a number of my larger works this year  though I know I will soon fill the space with fresh work.

This has been a bit of a self indulgent rant, I don’t usually write so much and it will not be repeated.

Below is the last drawing in Hotham Park of 2017


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