Art trail time again

I am yet again taking part in the annual Chichester Art Trail. I am right on the outer limits of what is a very large trail so tend to get fewer visitors than those venues clustered together in Chichester. I open my working studio to the public and unpack all my stored paintings to turn our house into a temporary gallery. Its a huge amount of work so I am glad to see visitors. This year my messy studio has the honour of featuring on the trail guide cover and the poster below.  More details can be found on the  trail website:


Monoprinting mayhem

I was asked to run a two day, drop in monoprinting workshop as part of the South Downs Folk Festival. There were things happening all round the town in Bognor but my pitch was in a large marquee near the theatre. Over the two days my assistant, Jasmine and I helped nearly 60 people of all ages have a go at something they had never done before. Our time see-sawed from twiddling our thumbs or doing some printing of our own to being rushed off our feet when several people came at once switching us into manic gear dishing out ink, explaining the processs and washing print plates, rollers and tools in a bucket. It was particularly enjoyable  watching the delight on the faces of children as they peeled off their paper to see what they had created. The two friends featured in the photos had a whale of a time producing one print after another rather like Mickey Mouse in  Disney’s The Sorcerer’s Apprentice.